maandag 25 augustus 2014

The Creative Blog Hop

Some of you already know how much I dislike the translation gadget,
simply because I know in what a funny way it translates. Many
times sentences are translated in a way that it all doesn't make sense but for this
occasion I will make an exception, since my third taggee is like me dutch
speaking so you can use the translator. Also for my dutch speaking followers
they can use the translater if they would like to do so.
Lieve blogvrienden, vandaag is een speciale post voornamelijk in het engels
omdat dit door engelstalige blog vrienden in gang is gezet. Ik heb voor jullie de
vertaal gadget erop gezet moest je geen engels kennen en wil je toch graag weten waar
dit allemaal over gaat kun je die gebruiken. Veel lees plezier.

Today's post will be a rather long one since it's my turn to write my piece about
myself. I have been tagged by Mary H. to join in with the The Creative Blog Hop
which is held every monday. TCBH is the brain child of a blogger whose identity
seems to have dissappeared along the way as the hop progressed.
The idea is for us as bloggers, to get to know each other better. Some
describe this as a game of   "Tag you're it". Each blogger answers 4 questions about
themselves and afterwards they "tag" three more bloggers and so on - and then on it goes
with the next 3 bloggers. Come and meet my 'Tagger'.
The sweet and lovely Mary H. of Carolina Cards I have met Mary here in blogland just
recently. I think Mary approached me after seeing my introduction card at The Snippets
Playground Mary my dear come and tell me the correct story if I don't recall it how it was.
I do have memory problems, further down in my story more about that. In this short period
of time Mary has become a dear friend to me, she has a very open caracter. Please hop over
to Mary's blog, you can do that by just klicking on her blog's name I've put a direct link.
Admire her beautiful cards, leave her a note and maybe you can also become her follower.
It's for everyone of us always a pleasure to read a comment and to receive new followers. I
know I love that. Now about me:
As you already know my name is Veerle I am 47 and married to Patrick this past june it
was 20 years and I can truly say that he is the love of my life.
This is us 20 years ago
We also have two little doggies a male "Billy" and a girl "Fieke". 
Actually Fieke is my husbands (she doesn't like woman) and Billy is mine.
This is my sweetie "Billy"

And this girl here is Patrick's

I have done several jobs over the years all very different. I did like the variety, I could never
work like most people for 20 - 30 years at the same job. I liked all of them. Three years ago
I was forced to stop working due to serious health issues. I have looked death in the eyes
three times and I am very happy and lucky I can still tell it. Two years ago I was struck
with meningitis hence the memory problems. I have had medication for it but it worked
only for a short period of time. I had a very good memory and now it's all gone. Despite this
I follow a course to learn French, I will start my fourth year this comming september.
I still have health issues but not that severe anymore. The worst is behind me, I hope.
Now about my crafting adventure. I have always been bussy with some kind of artistic
stuff. I loved crayons a lot and paint. All through my entire life I have been bussy with
something, craftwise. I am a very detailed person always been. Let me tell you a little
something from my childhood, something funny. In the village where I lived, I was about
8 years of age there was a wednesday afternoon art school for kids. On wednesday we only
had half a day school. Since I really wanted to learn to draw and paint etc I asked my mum
if I could join in. So on the first day of the new school year of that kids artist school I went
overthere and I was really looking foreward to it. The whole group went to a little park a
few streets further and the teacher gave us the assignment to make a drawing of the park
(we all had a huge piece of paper) but only with a few lines and strikes  which she called
modern art. I didn't understand anything of it. Didn't grasp the meaning. What did I do ?
I drew the park as it should be according to me ofcourse. With a whole bunch of details.
Every leaf that was on the trees was on my paper, every stone in the park was on my
paper. It was as if you take a picture and then put it in pencil onto paper. Oh boy was she
mad at me. She said I made fun of her and I was given a huge big zero on my drawing. 
 Seldom was I mad as I was then. I went home and told my mom I would never ever in my
life go to an art school again. That's how short my art carreer was. LOL
About the card making, I always made my own cards but nothing like we all do here in
blogland. I had no knowledge of the craft supplies there excist. Then a little over 2 years
ago I bought a Studio Light book that contained everything your 3D image, the background
paper, a sentiment, the only thing you had to add yourself were things like ribbon, buttons
etc and the base card. So I started making my very first 3D card. My next step was that I
received a hobby paper and it was a real eye opener, the things a saw in there waauw. Soon
after that I did my first sewing on my cards. I was really hungry to learn and to know
more. I started buying this hobby paper every month and in there I saw a comercial for a
hobby fair. It was in Holland but I went over there. Oh my, I was Alice in Wonderland with
too much candy around her. At the same time it was frustrating, because over 60% off all
the supplies and craft tools looked like chinese to me. There was more going on that I didn't
understand than what I did get. Back home I started digging and digging to learn more,
searching the web, asking around etc. By then I had finally found a craft store here in
Belgium. about half an hour drive from my home. And every now and then through email I 
asked this friendly lady more explanation and if she knew the answer she helped me out.
One day she invited me to come to a workshop and I could choose what I wanted to learn.
It was her daughter who was giving the workshop, so I went and I learned to use the paper
dristresser, learnt more about background papers until then I had only seen the background
papers in that SL book. She showed me how to mat it on cardstock and make different
layers. Esther, that's her name encouraged me to start a blog, that was first of august last
year. The things I know about using a blog I learned from Esther. I can truly say that
without Esther there would not be a Veerle in blog land. For almost a year nothing much
happened on my blog though. I posted a card every now and then I had a few followers
most of them didn't leave a comment; some were follower to do me a favor. And for a long
time I really felt lonely in blogland, having the idea there was nobody out there, I was
talking to myself. A few months ago I cannot remember what the occasion was but I
started to participate in challenges, actually now that I think about it, it was the beginning
of july since we were on holliday in France in june. Since then it all took a speedy and high 
flight. It feels like flying with the eagles. These challenges have pushed me to go far beyond
my borders, to make me do things that are completely new to me. AND I LOVE EVERY
SECOND OF IT. It also brought in some new followers, my first aim is to reach a 100
followers. Would be really great if that would succeed.  In the mean time my hunger to
 learn more is still there and I am also catching up in buying supplies that many others
 already have for years. Where all of this will take me ? I don't know, we'll just go
along the craft road and enjoy every single minute of it. Now before I introduce to you my
 three taggees
I forgot to answer the 4 questions, so here they are:
1. What am I working on now ?
I was invited by the kic challenge blog to be guest designer for theire next challenge, and
I was given a sketch for that, so that's my project right now.
2. How does my work differ from others in my genre ?
I am not more special than someone else. All of us are unique in theire way. If I have to
mention something it would be my diversity. If you come across one of my cards on a blog
I don't think you can immediately say that's a card from Veerle's hand. All my cards look
different, I think. I don't have one particular signature that you see in all my cards. But in
every project that I make there is some 'me' in it. I think all of us put something of theire
caracter into every card.
3. Why do I create what I do ?
Simple, because it gives me joy. I am happy being busy in my little craft room.
Creating something from nothing, how awesome is that ?!
4. How does my creative process work ?
I start with nothing and end with a big mess. And I don't mean my finished card, I mean
my craft table. I start with an assignment either a challenge or something that has to be
made for someone. I think about it, deside which technique I will use, ink or pencils or
scrap whatever. And then I start but I adjust my project along the way, and make my final
desicions as it goes on. I always end up with a lot of tools and inks and other stuff on my
craft table. When the card is finished and I am satisfied I take all the items away that did 
not end up on my card. What's left I write down to be able to put it in my post. I
cannot memorize anymore, remember ?
And now it's time for:
If I haven't totally put you to sleep with my blah blah let me introduce you to my
three bloggers that I have tagged, first

 Liz of Liz Crafty Sunflower hop over there to have a sneak
piek of Liz' cards
This is what Liz wrote to introduce herself:
Hi I'm Liz

I only met Veerle online a few weeks ago through Pixie's
Crafty Workshop blog, but was very delighted when she
asked if she could tag me in TCBH.
I live in West Country in England with my husband. In
september 2014 we will be celebrating our Ruby Wedding
Anniversary--40 years !! ... where do the years go ???

At the ripe old age of 37, after running a local playgroup for several years, I
decided to train to be a primary school teacher--something I'd always wanted
to do. So off I went to university, where I studied for four years, managing to
organise family life with two teenage children at the same time. After qualifying,
I was lucky enough to get a teaching job in a local primary school, where I taught
until I retired in 2011. I still run an after school scrapbooking club for 6 and 7
year olds. It's really satisfying to see the children being so proud of what they
have produced.

When I retired I decided to cross another thing off my 'bucket list' and start my
own blog. Initially it was just a personal record of some of the things I was making.
I didn't really think anyone would be interested in anything on my blog. However
three years on and I discovered there's a whole big blogging world out there, with
lots of lovely people who write positive comments on my blog. In july this year, I
finally worked out how to get a 'Followers' gadget and several bloggers have been
kind enough to follow me

My mum was very creative and I guess she passed on to me her love of trying new
creative hobbies. In the past I've enjoyed hobbies such as sewing, cross stitch,
patchwork, knitting, crochet, cake decorating and making corn dollies. These days
cardmaking, scrapbooking and other paper crafts are the crafty hobbies I enjoy most.

My son and daughter have long flown the nest, so I am lucky enough to have my own
craft room where I can shut myself away and try to be creative.

Liz x

So now let me show you the second person I have tagged:

Kate of Manualidades por mi or of Kate's Adventures please
hop overthere to have a sneak preview of Kate and her lovely
cards. This is what Kate wrote to introduce herself:

Hi, I am Kate Perry. I was both honoured and pleased to be
invited by Veerle to join in The Creative Blog Hop, as it is
helping me to get to know more about some folk who,
up 'til now have only been a name. I am now retired, and
live in a beautiful part of Southern Spain, with my husband
Chris, three dogs and four cats. Thanks to modern technology
I manage to keep in touch with our five sons, seven grandchildren
and one, (soon to be two) great grandson. I have been a crafter of sorts all my life, starting
with knitting, crochet, a little tatting, cross-stitch and more recently making bobbin lace

I became interested in papercraft when I first visited the Hobbycraft show at Birmingham
NEC. Stamping was my first love, and still is my favourite, but I like to try every new
technique I see. I just need a few hours more in the day--don't we all. For the last five years
of my working life, I was manager of a large nursery school, with 80+ children aged two
to five years, and I loved introducing them to simple forms of the crafts I enjoy.

In recent years I have become increasingly interested in crafting with my computer.
I am learning how to use a good camera, and how to edit photo's and also how to use a
graphics programme to bring photography and digital images into my cards, scrapbooks
and other projects. I have fun using my silhouette cameo cutting machine, and this year I
have started using it to cut vinyl for home décor etc...

I have two blogs, one for craft projects and one for a diary of our life here in Spain, but
I often cross reference between them. I hope you will hop over to my craft blog next week
and learn a bit more about what 'makes me thick'.

Kate x

My third person I have tagged is very special to me. I owe a great deal to her, like I
said before, if it weren't for Esther there was NO Veerle in blogland. So again a huge
thank you and a lot of gratitude go out to my friend Esther.

 Esthers blog is called Esther's kaartenblog please
hop over to her blog to have sneak preview and to
see what a talented young lady she is. She makes
wonderful cards and other projects.
Here is what Esther wrote to introduce herself to you:

Ik ben Esther, de dochter van Leentjes Hobby Shop. Dankzij mijn moeder ben ik
terug ijverig aan het knutselen gegaan en maak ik nu leuke kaartjes en kinder-
accessoires met materiaal uit haar winkel. Ik ben 28 jaar en ben getrouwd met
Steven. Samen hebben we twee dochters, Chloë (8) en Noëmie (6). Ook zij hebben
de knutselkriebel al goed te pakken. Dus samen hebben we de gezelligste knutsel-

Hopelijk kom je eens een bezoekje brengen aan mijn blog waar je kan lezen welke
leuke dingen er uit onze vingers komen.

Ik wil ook even Veerle bedanken om me hier te vermelden. Ze was één van mijn eerste
workshop klanten en ik vind het zo geweldig om te zien wat moois ze allemaal maakt
en hoe ze ook met de nieuwe media aan de slag gaat! Proficiat Veerle.

Groetjes, Esther x

So the final word is again up to me. I would like to conclude this by saying that so far
this has been an amazing journey for me, especially these past 2 months. That's when
it all really started. I have met and become friends with such amazing and kind people.
I have come across so many talented people, that I am gratefull that they let me play
along with them in this amazing, wonderful, fantastic, huge playground that the crafters
blogland is. It is a small world compared to other hobby worlds and it is a rather closed
world but the people in it are so nice, understanding and loving. And they do warmly
welcome every new player. Seeing so much talent humbles me and makes me feel small.
Yet every single person more talented or less is left in his dignity and that is so beautiful
to see. Guys, I love being here and I love hanging out with you all.

Please do me this favor and hop over to all 4 persons I showed you here, being, my
tagger Mary  and my own 3 taggees Liz and Kate and  Esther who did so much for
me in learning me to work with a blog. All these 4 ladies are very talented card makers
so maybe you could become theire follower aswell.
Ofcourse here with me there's also a spot waiting for you to become my new follower.


Thanks for your patience and for reading through this whole lot.
Thanks for visiting, thanks for your kind words.
to visit Kate's - Liz'  and Esthers' blogs next monday for theire story.
Hope to see you again SOON.
Love, Veerle xxxx



11 opmerkingen:

Liz zei

I've loved reading about your creative journey and finding out a little more about you. Thanks again for inviting me to be one of tagees. xx

Laine zei

So glad you are enjoying your creative journey Veerles. Here's to furthe crafty adventures to come.

Sarah zei

Thank you for sharing your crafty life with us Veerle, you are one amazing lady!! xx

MaryH zei

Veerle, What a WONDERFUL post! Loved reading more about who you are, what your background is, where your goals are taking you. What a coincidence that the lady who helped you get started is named Esther...that was my Mom's name!!! (we're definitely meant to be friends!). Two of your tagged bloggers I already follow, but I will visit to learn more about who they are. I will visit Esther of course and expect to enjoy her work as well. I think you are an exceptionally talented card maker and it was such fun to learn more about your life. Loved seeing the pictures too. Thanks for agreeing to become my tag, and I see you've hit the 50 goal in followers. Now on to 100! Happy day and thanks for a lovely read this afternoon. Hugs.

Chrissy zei

What a wonderful post Veerle..so good to get to know more about you..and what a rough time you had in the beginning..crafting would be the most therapeutic thing there is and I love swinging by and seeing your fabulous work..


Irish Cherokee zei

An excellent sharing experience Veerle. Thank you for sharing. - Jim

Brenda zei

This was an awesome post Verrle! I loved learning about you. You are very talented person and I can't believe you have been making cards for very long. You had a great teacher for sure. I've been doing this for many years and I'm still learning new stuff! lol I also loved the story about you and the art program. I would have drawn the same thing you did!! So I can see why when the teacher gave you a fat 0 you didn't want to go back!! Now I'm off to see the other bloggers. Hugs, Brenda

Darnell zei

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your Creative Blog Hop post, Veerle, and getting to know more about you! I'm sorry to hear about your health issues and how your bout with meningitis left you with memory loss. You will find as you get to know more of us in Blogland that a lot of us suffer from very serious health issues, as well. This hobby is definitely our "happy place!" I think you are facing your challenges with a wonderful positive attitude and you bring inspiration to us by that means, as well as through your beautiful card art! It's been a pleasure to meet you and become your friend and I look forward to that friendship growing over the years to come!! Hugs, Darnell

scrappymo! zei

So nice to read these posts. It helps us get to know each other better and to understand where our creativity was born. Thanks for sharing with us!

Di zei

Hi Veerle! I thought I'd already commented here - oopsie.

So good to learn more about you and your journey into card making and blogging. Love your little dachshunds :-)


Di xx

mamapez5 zei

Thank you for tagging me veerle. i am looking forward to doing my bit next week. i have enjoyed reading all about you. You have learned so much in a relatively short time, and your cards are beautiful. Kate x

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