woensdag 29 oktober 2014

In Memory

Hi everyone,

Last monday we had the funeral of our beloved aunt Lili. It was a beautiful and serene
service but so heart breaking. Lili's two daughters have become such beautiful young
woman and baby Ella Jane is just so adorable and cute.
It was heartbreaking to see theire grief. They are still so young and having to miss their
mother at that young age, I cannot imagine how it would be like.

It was also so sad to see the despair on Craig, aunties life partner. I can imagine it was
overwhelming to him at the same time saying goodbye to the woman you have loved for
13 years and meeting this big Belgian family whom you've never seen.

Lili had asked us so many times to come over to Australia to visit her. I do feel sad now we
never did. It's now her oldest daughter who asked us to come and visit I think we should.
Lili was so happy in Australia when she was in Belgium she talked about her second home,
which actually had become her first home with such warmth and love. Yes she really loved
it there.

What I particularly found very nice too was the farewell letter from uncle Jos. It was for
him that Lili had come to Belgium because he had cancer in a terminal fase. He past away
two weeks ago and he had written a goodbye letter to Lili it was a very beautiful letter.

The day of her funeral was, although it is already october, very bright and very sunny.
And that was very appropriate because in all honesty I can truly say that aunt Lili also
was a very bright and sunny person, she just loved to laugh even at age 50 she still was
a giggly girl.

One last thing, I hope that everyone in the family can find some peace in the memories
they have of aunt Lili. And in the knowledge she never knew what happened. At least
I like to think so. We don't know for 100% sure but I think so and it's better to think that
way. During the funeral service my thoughts also went out to all the other Belgian and
Dutch families that had a beloved one on flight MH17. You see often thing like this or
equally horrible on the television but when such a thing happens in your own family it
kinda hits you a lot harder.

To conclude I want to share with you one last picture as a farewell of a beautiful woman
aswell on the inside as on the outside.

Thank you all for visiting and for taking a moment of reflection.
Hugs, Veerle xx

22 opmerkingen:

  1. So very sad and a beautiful tribute and photo, you just never know what is around the corner she is 2 years younger than me, we should all live life to the full as we never know what is going to happen.
    Chris x

  2. What a beautiful post Veerle..it bought tears to my eyes.Your Aunt was a very beautiful lady and I know she will be missed by her family..so much.I love the verse on the service sheet. I'm sure no one knew anything or suffered in any way..and that in itself is a comforting thing..take care my friend..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  3. Hallo Veerle,
    Deze keer heb ik je berichtje met tranen in de ogen gelezen ... ik ben er helemaal stil van ....
    Hopelijk kunnen jullie het gemis een plaatsje geven ....
    Groetjes en dikke knuffel van mij ... Odette.

  4. So sad veerle thinking of you all she looks like a beautiful person and the funeral sounds so sad I can only imagine how hard it is for your family, thinking of you and huge hugs to you
    Vic xx

  5. Hallo Veerle,
    Ook ik heb het berichtje met tranen in mijn ogen gelezen

    ik wens jullie heel veel sterkte
    en hopelijk kan je dit groot verlies een plaatsje geven
    liefs martine

  6. Thinking of you and the family, may she now Rest In Peace in God's care.xxx

  7. Hallo Veerle,
    Een prachtige foto van tante Lili en heel triest dat er zo een eind aan dat jonge leven moest komen, om heel stil van te worden en daar zijn geen woorden voor. Ik wens jullie allemaal heel veel sterkte en hoop dat ze een mooi plaatsje krijgt in jullie gedachten, heel veel liefs en een knuffel van Lydiaxxx

  8. Oh Veerle, what a beautiful yet so very sad post - I'm in tears here. Such a beautiful verse and lovely photo of your beloved Aunt Lili.

    Lots of love and hugs

    Di xx

  9. Oh Veerle what a sad and beautiful post, I am in tears here.It is such a beautiful verse and a lovely photo.thinking of you and your family and those poor girls. Sending big hugs to you and your family. May she Rest in Peace. Marlene

  10. So touching Veerle. Thinking of you and yours xx

  11. A lovely tribute to you darling Aunt Lili Veerle. Susan x

  12. Thinking of you and your family. Your post a such a lovely tribute to a beautiful lady. xx

  13. Such a sad but beautiful post Veerle. I am so sorry for the loss to all your family of this lovely lady. may her smile live on in your hearts. God bless you all. Kate x

  14. Lieve Veerle,

    Wat een prachtige foto van tante Lili, het is nog steeds niet te bevatten dat ze er niet meer is.
    Heel veel sterkte toegewenst met het verwerken van dit grote verlies.

    Veel liefs van Hetty

  15. Oh Veerle, I'm in tears right now reading this loving tribute to your Aunt Lili. This was a beautiful tribute to her and I loved that verse. She was a beautiful person and you can see how much she loved life. She is the same age as my husband so it hits me hard too since he has cancer and knowing I could lose him at anytime too. My thoughts and prayers will be with you all as you deal with this loss of a beautiful woman who meant the world to you. We can't go back and change things, like not visiting. We can just move on and try to live each day as though it is our last day. Sending much love and prayers to you Veerle! Brenda

  16. Veel sterkte nog Veerle.
    Binnen kort is een dienst voor allen hoorde ik daar straks op de radio. Heftig.
    Groetjes Anita

  17. I am so sorry for your loss. She looks like a beautiful person, not just in looks but inside too That inner beauty shines through her eyes and lovely smile.

  18. I saw your post in Aussie Annies blog and wanted to say how sad I am for your loss,god bless Trish

  19. Veerle, this is a beautiful and moving tribute to your Lillli. Her picture shows a most attractive and happy looking lady, and your description of her, matches what shines out of her photo. I feel so deeply sad for all her family. They will miss her so much. But she will never truly be gone, as you will all keep her in your hearts. I love that poem & it is so very apt. Thank you for sharing these thoughts & memories with your blog followers. Big hugs.

  20. Lieve Veerle en Patrick

    Blij ben ik met de foto van jullie tante Lili, na al de droeve gebeurtenissen en de verhalen zie ik een pracht van een vrouw.
    Zo krijgt ze een gezicht, en kunnen wij haar beter voorstellen.
    Veerle, veel sterkte voor jou familie, en voor u en Patrick een hele dikke knuffel.


  21. So very sad and so very young, a lovely post in her memory, Jx

  22. This is so very sad Veerle your post is written wonderfully and brought tears to my eyes she must have been such a beautiful lady both inside and out and she was obviously loved so much, I am so sorry for your loss.
    lorraine x


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