woensdag 3 augustus 2016

oproep - call out

Hi everyone,

Today we had the announcement of the new color chain.
It's august so that means we are on chain N°8
The color that is left over from last month is Kobalt
Blue and Sarah chose the new color which is
fuchsia. So this month we have to make a card with
kobalt blue + fuchsia.
Neutrals such as white/black/skin are allowed but just
a touch or a hint of it. The main colors have to be
kobalt and fuchsia.
Here's an inspiration foto:

In my side bar at the top you see this picture also,
if you click on it you are directed to Martina's blog
(she started this) and you will find yourself on the
page where you can write in the comment section that
you want to join in. You have until tuesday august 30th
to join in. On wednesday all who have joined in will
publish theire blogpost with theire creation(s).
On that day Martina along with her own creation posts
the full list of all who joined in. So that day blogland will
color kobalt + fuchsia. We all visit each others blogs to
see what everyone did with that particular color combo.
It's always fun to join in and fun to go and see what the
others did with this combo.
So why don't join in ? Click on the picture in
my side bar and add your name in the comment section.

Hugs, Veerle x

2 opmerkingen:

Marlene Atkinson zei

Gorgeous cards while I was away. Sorry we didn't meet up in my holidays. Marlene

Brenda zei

Loving this color challenge Veerle, those colors are so pretty together! Would love to join in, but don't think I will have the time but definitely keeping this color combo in mind. Can't wait to see what you do my friend. Hugs, Brenda

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